Two New Spring Rifles from Black Ops

At Pellpax, we’re welcoming in the new year – and new decade – with some fantastic new products, including two new spring-powered rifles from US manufacturer, Black Ops.

Black Ops Quantico Air Rifle

This .177-calibre rifle gets its name from Quantico, headquarters of the United States Marine Corps. This huge institution is also home to the FBI Academy and is the country’s main DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) training facility. Quantico is in Prince William County, Virginia.

At the legal power limit for a non-FAC gun (12 ft/lb), the Quantico is a powerful and effective break-barrel rifle. The rifled steel barrel is shrouded for noise reduction, and the adjustable fibre-optic sights ensure a perfect aim. An adjustable, modular stock means that this rifle can be adapted for a young shooter, or for circumstances where movement is restricted – for example, hunting in dense forest.

The stock is made from a durable, high-density polymer, which provides a firm grip in all weather conditions. The cheek-pad contributes to a comfortable and successful shooting experience.

Depending on the stock setting, the Quantico is between 1,130mm and 1,150mm long, and it weighs 3,275g. This rifle features a picatinny rail system and a weaver rail, so when it comes to the fitting of accessories, the options are numerous.

At just £104.99, the Quantico is perfect for pest control at ranges of up to 40m. It’s safe, strong, and great value for money

Black Ops Pendleton Air Rifle

This rifle’s name’s-sake is the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in San Diego County, California, which was built in 1942 for the purpose of training US marines for service in WWII. The facility was named after Major Joseph Henry Pendleton (1860-1942) of the US Marine Corps.

With a five-position, adjustable M4-style stock, side rails, picatinny rail, and adjustable fibre-optic sights, the Black Ops Pendleton is a supremely customisable gun.

The Pendleton’s overall length is between 1,045mm and 1,129mm, and it weighs 3,120g. The gun comes with a set of six ergonomic grips, so it can be customised for the comfort of any shooter.

Made by Black Ops to an exclusive design, the .177-calibre Pendleton is fantastic for pest control at ranges of up to 40m. And at just £119.99, it really is excellent value.

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New Dan Wesson Kits at Pellpax

At Pellpax, we’re celebrating the start of the new decade with some fantastic new products. Our Dan Wesson 715 CO2 pistol kits, in particular, are an exciting addition to the Pellpax range of airgun kits. Modelled on the original Dan Wesson 715, which was chambered for the .357 Magnum cartridge, these high-quality, realistic pistols by ASG uphold the Dan Wesson reputation for innovative design and first-class construction.

Dan Wesson Firearms

Daniel Baird Wesson II (1916-1978) shared his name with his great-grandfather, the talented gunsmith and inventor, famous for co-founding the Smith & Wesson Company.

The legacy of Daniel Baird Wesson I (1825-1906) lives on, of course, in the ever-popular Smith & Wesson brand. But he’s also remembered at the not-for-profit Baystate Medical Centre in Massachusetts, which incorporates the hospital to which Mr Wesson donated $100,000 in 1904.

Dan Wesson worked for 25 years at Dan & Wesson before establishing his own firearms manufacturing business in 1968. Dan Wesson Firearms, now owned by CZ-USA, operates from Kansas City, Kansas, and Norwich, New York.

Action Sport Games  

Danish company ASG (Action Sport Games), which specialises in 1:1-scale replica guns, is exclusively licensed to produce Dan Wesson replica models.

Dan Wesson 715 Pistol Kits

ASG’s Dan Wesson 715 is made mostly of metal, giving it a realist feel, and a 12g CO2 capsule is concealed in the textured rubber grip. The pistol features a fixed open sight at the muzzle-end of the barrel, and a rear sight that’s adjustable for windage and elevation. It has a two-stage trigger, manual safety, and an underside weaver rail. Pellets are loaded into the rear of the six cartridges that are housed in the easily accessible magazine.

Besides the pistol, this kit includes five CO2 capsules, a tin of .177-calibre pellets, 50 targets, and a hard case.

Dan Wesson 715 2.5” Silver Pistol

£229.99 £199.99

This neat little pistol has an overall length of 203mm and weighs 900g. The rifled barrel is just 63mm long, making the pistol well balanced and easy to manoeuvre.

Dan Wesson 715 4.0” Silver Pistol

£252.99 £229.99

With a total length of 242mm, and weighing 1,100g, this is the medium-sized Dan Wesson pistol. The rifled barrel is 101mm long.


Dan Wesson 715 6.0” Grey Pistol

£224.99 £199.99

This six-inch-barrel version of the 715 Dan Wesson pistol is heavier and stronger than the shorter-barrelled models. It weighs 1,225g and has an overall length of 297mm. There’s added realism to this pistol, with the cylinder-releasing mechanism, which is exactly the same mechanism that features on the real 715.

Door-to-Door Delivery Service

As a Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD), Pellpax provides a reliable and secure face-to-face delivery service. Order before 12pm on a Tuesday, and you’ll receive your item the following weekend, subject to availability. We deliver to any address on the mainland of England and Wales. If you require delivery to another part of the UK, arrangements can be made for collection from an RFD near you.

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Happy New Year!

Another Step Forward for Reeds Target Shooting Club

Let’s Get Physical

Albert Reed (1846-1920), owner of Aylesford Paper Mills, in Kent, was a man who believed in fostering a happy working environment for his employees. More than a century ago, Mr Reed established an in-house sports and social club for his workers and their families. As his business grew into one of the largest paper-making plants in Europe, the social club thrived – especially on the target-shooting side.

When the Aylesford site closed, in the 1990s, Reeds Target Shooting Club was left without a home.

Winners of Reeds Pairs Competition

The Wanderer

Twenty years after the closure of Aylesford Paper Mills, Reeds Target Shooting Club is still homeless, renting space from other clubs and keeping membership tight through regular competitions and practice sessions, as well as social events and an active website.

“We’re as big and active as we’ve ever been,” says John Lucas, club secretary (and the club’s sole remaining former Reeds employee). “We still shoot at Bisley once a month; in fact, we do as much shooting as we can. But it’s not the same as having your own place.”

Despite the club’s nomadic existence, there’s a healthy membership of around 100 – and a waiting list, too.

Winner of Reeds Gallery Cup

Every shooting club has a legal obligation to place each new member on three months’ probation before full membership is granted. During this time, an assessment of their suitability can be made. Without their own facilities, however, it isn’t so easy for the members of Reeds to make these assessments.

“And we’re old-fashioned,” says John. “We don’t feel that three months is long enough to get to know new members. At Reeds, the probationary period is six months.”

Moving On Up

For many years, now, this tenacious club has been working towards establishing a new home. Well-attended competitions and social events have raised thousands of pounds so far, and the target is at last coming into sight. Planning permission is now underway for a new indoor range and clubhouse.

It’s not plain sailing though.

“A noise assessment has been requested,” explains John. “We’ve engaged a noise consultant to carry out the assessment, but it’s slowed the process down, and is swallowing up more funds.”

Reeds Christmas dinner 2019

As things stand, the foundations to Reeds’ new home are due to be laid in the spring of 2020. Once building is underway, the club will have access to further fund sources associated with its changed status.

“Once the club is built,” John tells me, “we’ll be able to provide more coaching. There’ll be opportunities for shooters to reach high standards and to compete at international level.”

Reeds has an ethos of diversity and accessibility.

“We plan to broaden our membership. At the moment, about 10 percent of our members are children. We’d like to encourage more youngsters into the club. Our new premises will be equipped with facilities for wheelchair users. Disabled shooters will be welcomed and encouraged. Shooting is such an inclusive sport. We want to make the most of the possibilities.”

Fun, Fun, Fun!

The Reeds Target Shooting Club annual Christmas dinner and raffle is one of the mainstay events in the club’s fundraising programme. This year, the Reeds Christmas dinner was on Saturday 7 December, and, as always, the evening was a lot of fun. The raffle raised over £300.

John Lucas (left) and Bob Peacock

Pellpax’s donation to the raffle was a Norica Dream Hunter air rifle in .22 calibre. The Dream Hunter is a powerful spring-powered rifle with under-lever action and ambidextrous stock. This fantastic prize was won by Bob Peacock.

Events like this will continue to be held until the ribbon is cut at the official opening of the new Reeds clubhouse and shooting range. Nobody knows exactly when that will be, but if the foundations are laid in the spring of next year, the long-awaited goal is certainly within sight. As John says, there’s still a lot of hard work ahead.

“We need to raise another £20,000, or even £30,000. There’s a long way to go.”

Images courtesy of Reeds Target Shooting Club

Olivia Hill Receives Award for Outstanding Sporting Achievement

The Broadland Community at Heart Awards

The Broadland Community at Heart Awards celebrate the region’s community heroes. Eighteen-year-old Olivia Hill, who is sponsored by Pellpax, was among those nominated for the outstanding sporting achievement award. As you can imagine, the whole Pellpax team is tremendously proud of our protégée for being the winner of that award.

The judging panel included Mick Parker of Parker Communications, who organised the event, and Chairman of Broadland District Council. Also on the panel were two representatives of Price Bailey Chartered Accountants, regular sponsors of the Broadland Community at Heart Awards. Matthew Hector (Business Development Manager) and James Elvin (Manager) were hugely impressed by Olivia’s attitude and achievements.

“The Outstanding Sporting Achievement category was incredibly hard to judge,” Mr Elvin told me. “Olivia was crowned the winner due to her outstanding achievements and commitment at such a young age. To compete at her level must have meant some sacrifices, and to have overcome so many hurdles, whilst continuing her studies, is commendable.”

Mr Hector added, “Well done Olivia. We look forward to watching your continued success”.

South Norfolk Air Rifle and Pistol Club

Having followed Olivia’s shooting career for some time now, we thought it was about time we saw her in action. So, on Sunday 10th November, Gary Mitchell and I set off to the South Norfolk Air Rifle and Pistol Club in Attleborough. It was the final day of the Norfolk County Rifle Association’s Open 10m Air Rifle and Air Pistol Meeting, incorporating the Norfolk County Championships.

In preparation for the competition, Olivia had checked every one of her RWS R10 flathead (wadcutter) pellets for imperfections. Nevertheless, before loading each pellet, Olivia looked it over carefully, paying attention to the skirt, where a nick or an indentation might affect the pellet’s trajectory. Pellets can become corroded as a result of contact with each other in the tin.

“If it doesn’t look right,” Olivia explained, “don’t shoot it.”

Norfolk County Champion

Just a few minutes into the shooting time, Olivia felt that her rifle sight needed to be adjusted. However, even after carrying out work on her kit, Olivia wasn’t totally happy. Other competitors were also struggling with vision, and it soon became apparent that the problem was due to the changing natural light that was coming through the opaque skylights. As nothing could be done about this, they pressed on, adjusting their eyes as well as possible to the fluctuating brightness on the range.

Despite scoring a little below her own expectations, Olivia won Gold in the Open, and Gold in the Confined, meaning that she’s the overall 10m County Champion. 

What’s next for Olivia?

To round off another fantastic year, Olivia will be travelling to Luxembourg, where she’ll compete in the 37th RIAC and IBIS CUP. The competition, which will run from 11th to 14th December, is an annual international event organised by FLTAS (Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Tir aux Armes Sportives). Last year, at this competition, Olivia performed very well in her first mixed doubles event. Her impression of Christmastime in Luxembourg, though, was mostly about the hot chocolate!

Pellpax Gift Ideas: Shooting Bundles

With the non-shooter in mind …

Image courtesy of Thais Araujo (Pexels)

For most of the year, most of our customers are shooters. They know what they’re looking for. At Christmas time, however, non-shooters are shopping for shooting-related gifts.

With non-shooters in mind, Pellpax has created a range of accessory bundles designed for the seasoned shooter. Each bundle contains a selection of shooting accessories and gun-care products tailored to vermin control, target shooting, or pistols. Everything in a Pellpax accessory bundle will be useful to the shooter who opens this gift on Christmas day.

Pest bundle

The Pellpax pest bundle includes:

  • Woody’s prairie dog targets
  • Abbey gun grease
  • Proshot gun & rifle oil
  • Proshot MK3 scope cleaner
  • .177 or .22 pellets
  • Pellpax cloth

This specially selected assortment of accessories includes pellets suitable for vermin control and a set of life-size prairie dog targets from Woody’s.

The bundle also includes ProShot Precision gun and rifle oil. This water-repellent, rust-inhibiting, low-viscosity oil will protect metal surfaces and moving parts. The oil comes in a dropper bottle, so it’s easy to apply tiny amounts to small, fiddly parts of the gun.

ProShot Precision’s Optima Mk3 scope cleaner is designed for all optics. Supplied in an easy-to-use spray pump, this product removes dust and stains, leaving no residue or smears. Besides scopes, sights, and night-vision equipment, Optima Mk3 can also be used for cleaning other glass surfaces such as phone, computer, and television screens.

Abbey gun grease is a superb product for maintaining the condition and performance of a rifle or pistol. Providing protection from corrosion, this gun grease lengthens the life of component parts and reduces wear and tear on the gun. Regular use of Abbey gun grease will improve any gun’s performance and reliability.

The Pellpax cleaning cloth is a marvellous all-rounder for any equipment-cleaning task. Made of a strong, absorbent microfibre material, the cloth can be used and washed again and again over many years.

Target bundle

The Pellpax target bundle includes:

  • Pellpax target holder pellet catcher 17cm x 17cm
  • 50 practice targets
  • 50 match targets
  • advanced optics cleaner
  • .177 or .22 pellets
  • Pellpax cloth

The solidly built steel pellet catcher can be free standing or mounted on a wall. It measures 17cm x 17cm, and the back is specially angled to deflect pellets and prevent ricochet. In the front, there’s a slot for holding paper targets.

For use with the pellet catcher, this bundle contains 50 practice targets and 50 match targets, as well as a tin of pellets in a choice of .177 or .22 calibre.

To finish off a fantastic assortment of shooting accessories, this bundle also includes an optics cleaner and a soft, hard-wearing polishing cloth.

CO2 Pistol bundle

The CO2 pistol bundle includes:

  • pellets or BBs
  • 100 pistol targets
  • 5 CO2 capsules
  • ProShot silicone gun oil
  • ProShot moly lube
  • Pellpax cloth

ProShot Precision silicone gun oil is a top-quality, non-toxic oil, specially formulated to protect the exterior of guns and to lubricate plastic washers and seals. This anti-corrosive, water-repellent oil comes in an easy-to-dispense dropper bottle.

Merry Christmas!

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A Goal is a Dream with an Action Plan and a Time Frame

I first visited North Walsham Rifle & Pistol Club in July 2016. The club’s membership was flourishing, but the physical fabric of the place hadn’t really moved with the times. The old wooden clubhouse was pretty much as it had been in 1933, when the club was founded.

On that visit, the club’s Development Officer, Mike Kirkham, who has been shooting since he was 15 years old, talked to me about the club’s future. Planning permission for a new clubhouse had been granted, and an application was being put together for funding from Sport England. With help and advice from Liz Davidson, Head of Engagement at British Shooting, Chairman Olly Crysell and his committee worked on a plan of action for all-round improvement.

“The key to our success,” Mike told me, three years ago, “has been to change our club culture to think more like a sports club, and to actively promote and market what we offer.”

Motivation is when your dreams put on work clothes (Benjamin Franklin) 

In October 2016, Sport England awarded £75,000 to North Walsham Rifle & Pistol Club towards their new clubhouse. This was marvellous news, of course, but the total amount of money needed was £125,000. The club members worked hard at raising funds for the project, and they also applied for, and were granted, aid from North Norfolk District Council’s Big Society Fund, which was established in 2012 to help fund projects that improve and support the social and economic wellbeing of communities.

Karl Read, Leisure and Locality Services Manager at North Norfolk District Council, was impressed by the drive and commitment of NWRPC.

Olivia Hill, international shooting star, sponsored by Pellpax

“Mike, Olly, and the rest of the committee have worked tirelessly in order to grow participation within this club, especially with the junior section. They’ve worked hard in order to create a fresh presence in North Norfolk, and they’ve forged a great relationship with the Council and Active Norfolk.

“The club has created more visibility locally using positive PR and marketing, and they’ve created a working marketing plan. Mike set up a Sports Development plan for the club, and a new website. In the time that I’ve worked with the club, they’ve has seen a 45% increase in membership, which is unheard of in local sports clubs.

“In a nutshell, the members of North Walsham Rifle & Pistol Club have done all the things we would expect from a Big Society applicant, and in a very comprehensive way. I wish the club every success.”

NWRPC now has over 200 members, some of whom have gone on to compete in national and international championships.

Mingling with Members

The evening began with refreshments and conversation. I caught up with several club members I’d met before, including Charles Cain, who, at 76 years old, is still coaching some of the club’s talented young shooters.

It was a great pleasure to meet 17-year-old Jessie Lodge, who shoots in the 10m Precision Air Rifle county air rifle team – and Freya Giles, 19, who has shot for the England Ladies’ team in .22 Target Rifle.

Imogen Wright

Imogen Wright, who’s just 15 years old, began her shooting career with Explorers at North Walsham. Before long, she was a member of the Scout International Squad. Imogen, who shoots with a Steyr, is now on the South East Regional Pistol Squad (SERPS); later this year, she’ll be competing at the Welsh Open and at the Scout Championships at Bisley.

Tony Clarke, Scouts’ Norfolk Shooting Advisor, told me about Target Sprint – a relatively new shooting discipline that’s becoming incredibly popular, especially among younger shooters. Tony explained how Target Sprint works:

“Competitors run 400 meters, then they shoot five targets. They run another 400 meters, shoot another five targets, and then run 400 meters to the finish. The winner is the first past the post. But …” (I think Tony could read my thoughts.) “But you have to hit the targets. You can’t continue until you’ve hit all five. Bear in mind, though, that there’s a limit to the number of attempts you have.”

I was rather disappointed not to see Olivia Hill, who is sponsored by Pellpax. There was a very good reason for her absence, though: she was in Serbia, competing in the Novi Sad Grand Prix. It was, however, great to chat with Olivia’s mum, Lisa.

The official opening

Mike Kirkham

Mike Kirkham began his address with, “A dream is always a dream. A goal is a dream with an action plan and a time frame.” He immediately had everyone’s attention.

Mike thanked everyone for all their hard work, with a special mention for Tony Clarke, the man responsible for a strong junior membership, thanks to Scout involvement.

There was a special mention for the late Ken Nash (1948-2019), who introduced shooting for the blind into the UK. Ken was a life member of both the National Small-Bore Rifle Association (NSRA) and British Blind Sport (BBS). I had the pleasure of talking to Ken in August 2017, when he contributed enormously to A Guide to Disabled Shooting.

Saul Penfold

Mike handed over to Councillor Saul Penfold.

“In 2017,” he began, “an application was received from North Walsham Rifle & Pistol Club for a BSF grant towards a £125,000 project to replace the old wooden clubhouse. The application explained that the existing wooden clubhouse and its facilities were in a poor state and no longer fit for purpose. There was limited social space, no proper kitchen facilities, and no disabled toilet. A new clubhouse was needed to ensure that NWRPC had the appropriate facilities to enable them to cope with their existing and growing membership.”

Just like Karl Read, Mr Penfold expressed his admiration for the club and its members.

Norman Lamb, Lisa Hill, Freya Giles

“Everyone involved in the project is to be congratulated for their dedication and commitment. It’s a fantastic achievement. The new club house will be an asset to the local community for many years.”

Mike Kirkham declared the clubhouse open, and the ribbon was cut by Freya Giles and Lisa Hill (representing Olivia). North Norfolk MP, Norman Lamb, presented the two ladies with bouquets.

Good luck, NWRPC – and congratulations. Here’s to the future!

Pellpax at the Midland Game Fair 2019

Pellpax partners up with Umarex and Rothery

On Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th September, Pellpax will be at the Midland Game Fair at Weston-under-Lizard in Shropshire. The event will be held at Weston Park – a beautiful country house built in 1671, which has been home to the Midland Game Fair for more than 30 years. The gorgeous 1,000-acre estate was designed by the celebrated landscape architect, Lancelot (Capability) Brown, who is fondly remembered as England’s greatest gardener.

This is the first time that Pellpax has attended the Midland Game Fair. Pellpax Managing Director, Darren Kirk, is delighted to be joining John Rothery and Umarex at this well-loved event, which has become a mainstay of the shooting community’s calendar.

Darren says, “We’re extremely proud that Umarex and Rothery have chosen the Pellpax team to represent them by hosting their stand this year.”

Umarex 850 Air Magnum – .22 CO2 Air Rifle

Fantastic Weekend Ahead

So, what will Pellpax be showcasing at the Midland Game Fair this year?

“We’ll be selling a wide range of Umarex air rifles and pistols,” Darren says. “We have some very experienced shooters and knowledgeable gunsmiths on the Pellpax team – but there’ll also be a couple of staff from Rothery and Umarex on the stand with us, who’ll be able to answer all sorts of technical questions about the products.”

The Midland Game Fair has become increasingly popular over the years. If you’re planning to visit, you could well find yourself in the company of more than 86,000 fellow enthusiasts of outdoor pursuits! Parking and toilet facilities are plentiful, with special provision for disabled visitors.

For more information about this event, visit the Midland Game Fair website.

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Olivia Hill is Selected to Represent Great Britain at the Novi Sad Grand Prix in Serbia

Olivia’s Shooting Career Year 1

This week, Pellpax is celebrating yet another success from talented target shooter, Olivia Hill. Olivia, 18, has been with the Pellpax sponsorship programme since the beginning of 2018. On Monday 15 July, when British Shooting announced the GB team for the Novi Sad Grand Prix in Serbia, next month, Olivia was competing at the Junior World Cup in Suhl, Germany.

Olivia at the Norfolk Open

Over the last eighteen months, Olivia (known by friends and family as Liv) has progressed from 16-year-old novice to accomplished sportswoman.

In 2018, Liv’s shooting diary included:

  • InterShoot, Holland (February)
  • British Open Airgun Championship, Bisley (April)
  • English Championships, Bisley (April)
  • Norfolk Open, North Walsham (June)
  • Junior International, Bisley (August)
  • Scout National Championships, Bisley (October)
  • Welsh Open, Cardiff (November)
  • Surrey Open, Bisley (December)
  • RIAC, Luxembourg (December)

Olivia Hill 2019

Olivia Hill (centre), Emily Bale, Phoebe Taylor

In February this year, at the 2019 Intershoot in Holland, the GB Talent Squad Junior Ladies’ team – Olivia Hill, Emily Bale, and Phoebe Taylor – won Silver in the team event. Two months later, in April, Liv was competing in the ESSU (English Small-bore Shooting Union) Championships at Bisley. Liv qualified 1st in Juniors and 4th in the Open event, earning herself a place in the final. Finishing 2nd overall, Liv was the highest-scoring junior, and she came home with the title of English Junior 10m Air Rifle Champion.

Paul Goater, manager of the England Rifle Academy and lead air rifle coach for the Rifle Talent Squad, is Olivia’s primary coach.

“She’s been a real pleasure to coach, and if she keeps working hard, is certainly capable of great things. I hope that I am fortunate enough to remain part of her support team moving forward.”

Junior World Cup in Suhl

Olivia competing at the Junior World Cup in Suhl, Germany

At the time of writing, 18-year-old Liv is competing in the Junior World Cup at the Suhl-Friedberg Shooting Centre in Suhl, Germany. After her first match, Liv posted on Instagram:

“It was an amazing experience to shoot alongside some great shooters from so many different countries and see how others prepare to perform at their best. I can now say I have competed in my first Junior World Cup!”

Novi Sad Grand Prix, in Serbia

On the day Liv first competed in a Junior World Cup, British Shooting announced the GB team for the Novi Sad Grand Prix – a competition organised by the ESC (European Shooting Confederation). Olivia Hill had made the team!

“SUPER SUPER SUPER EXCITED to finally announce I have been selected to represent Great Britain in the Novi Sad Grand Prix in Serbia!!!” (Instagram 15 July)

Needless to say, the whole Pellpax team are immensely proud to be Olivia’s sponsor, and we believe that our Norfolk girl will keep shooting to the very top of her sport.

Liv says, “Pellpax has enabled me to do more training and competitions by supporting me.”

To keep up to date with Olivia’s shooting progress, why not follow her on Instagram

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Pellpax at War & Peace Revival

This week, Pellpax are preparing for the War & Peace Revival Show at The Hop Farm, Paddock Wood, in Kent, which will be open to the public from Tuesday 23 to Saturday 27 July, 09:00 to 18:00.

War & Peace Revival – an FRL Media event – is a celebration of 20th century military action and wartime civilian life, incorporating staged battle re-enactments, living history displays, and a huge exhibition of military vehicles and militaria.

There’ll be dancing and live music at the Victory Marquee, and special fly-overs by a Spitfire Mk9 TA805 (‘Kent Spitfire’) and a Hurricane Mk1 P2921.

So, if you’re at the show, come and say hello to us at stall P12, and have a look at some of the fantastic products we’ll have on offer at special show prices.

… Like Smith & Wesson revolvers from Umarex – widely considered to be the best CO2 revolvers ever made. The 586 4” Black .177 and the 686 6” Nickel .177 are both double-action revolvers with a 10-round magazine and fully adjustable sights. You can pick up one of these beauties, in its own hard case, from Pellpax at the War & Peace Revival show next week.

… And from the Umarex Legends series, the Legends Cowboy Lever Action and the Legends MP German Submachine Gun; both of these guns are CO2-powered, and fire 4.5mm pellets.

For more information about any of the products we sell, or to find out about the Pellpax unique delivery service, just give us a call on 01263 731 585 and talk to one of our experts.

And remember that the Pellpax office will be open all next week, so orders and enquiries will be handled as usual.

NEW at BSS 2019: Brocock Patagonia

Claudio Flores in action at the ERB 2018

At the 2019 British Shooting Show, in February, Pellpax talked to Daystate’s Tony Belas about the Patagonia, an eye-catching and innovative new semi-bullpup PCP air rifle from Daystate’s sister company, Brocock.

The gun – available to buy at the end of April – is based on an adaptation of one of its predecessors, the Bantam Sniper HR.

Claudio Flores

The backstory of the Brocock Patagonia begins in October 2018, where airgun shooters from all over the world gathered in Mesa, Arizona, to compete in one of the toughest and most prestigious international shooting events.

The Extreme Benchrest Championships – an annual four-day competition with high-value prizes up for grabs – is notorious for attracting the world’s highest-performing shooters and for showcasing the industry’s very best airguns.

Of the top 30 Pro-Class finalists, 12 were shooting a Daystate Red Wolf, and 15 used an FX Impact or Crown. As an interesting aside, Fredrik Alexsson, who, in 1999, founded the Swedish airgun manufacturer FX Airguns, took third place with his FX Impact. Justin Welsh, in second place, also shot an FX Impact.

The overall winner of the event was Claudio Flores, a 35-year-old Chilean, whose living is made through hunting in the mountainous and desert landscape of Patagonia.

Patagonia is an area in South America of approximately 1,043,000 km2, which covers a large portion of Argentina and Chile, including the southern end of the Andes mountain range, where temperatures can plummet to as low as -15°C. Via his YouTube channel, Chile Patagonia Airguns, Claudio and his 13-year-old son, Dan, offer the shooting world a glimpse of their unusual way of life through stunning photography and Claudio’s expert airgun reviews.

“Claudio did really well at the 2017 Extreme Benchrest,” Tony told us. “He came to the attention of Daystate and Brocock with his skill and positive attitude, and so he was supported with spares and equipment as he prepared in Patagonia in the months before the EBR match 2018.”

The Brocock Bantam Patagonia

Brocock Patagonia

In certain categories of the competition, Claudio shot a Daystate Red Wolf, but for the Extreme Benchrest Challenge he chose the match-winning Brocock Bantam.

Tony told us, “He’d tuned up the Bantam to 58 ft/lbs, and had adapted a 62 cm Red Wolf polygon barrel in .22. Claudio had also made modifications to the hammer, stroke, and secondary chamber. Brocock looked at his modifications and adapted them for production in the Brocock Patagonia.”

Inspired by this proven winning formula from Claudio Flores, the Bantam Patagonia has certainly moved the benchmark in PCP airgun design.

The Brocock Patagonia, which comes out in April, will be available from Pellpax. Keep an eye on our site, or contact us if you wish to preorder.