Exploring the Precision Advantage of Richter Optik Scopes for Your Air Rifle

Are you an avid air rifle enthusiast on the lookout for a top-notch scope to elevate your shooting experience? Look no further than Richter Optik scopes! Engineered to deliver exceptional precision and performance, Richter Optik scopes have been gaining a reputation for their remarkable quality and innovative features. In this blog post, we’ll delve into why Richter Optik scopes should be your go-to choice and how they can transform your shooting game.

Unveiling the Excellence of Richter Optik Scopes

Richter Optik has been at the forefront of producing cutting-edge optics for shooting and hunting applications. Their dedication to crafting scopes that cater to various shooting needs, along with their commitment to quality, sets them apart in the optics market. Here’s why Richter Optik scopes deserve your attention:

  • Crystal Clear Optics: The heart of any great scope lies in its optics. Richter Optik scopes are engineered with precision-ground lenses and advanced coatings that ensure exceptional light transmission, clarity, and colour fidelity. This translates to a sharper and brighter image, enabling you to spot targets with ease and accuracy.
  • Durable Build: Air rifle shooting can sometimes be demanding on equipment due to the recoil and environmental factors. Richter Optik scopes are designed to withstand these challenges. Constructed from rugged materials and featuring shock-resistant designs, these scopes can handle the rigors of air rifle shooting.
  • Accurate Reticles: Richter Optik scopes offer a range of reticle options tailored to different shooting scenarios. Whether you’re targeting moving objects or shooting from various distances, you’ll find reticles that provide the necessary reference points for accurate shots.
  • User-Friendly Features: These scopes are engineered with the shooter in mind. With features like adjustable magnification, parallax adjustment, and illuminated reticles, Richter Optik scopes make it easy to adapt to changing shooting conditions and maintain optimal accuracy.
  • Affordable Excellence: While many premium optics come with a hefty price tag, Richter Optik scopes offer remarkable quality at a reasonable price point. This means you can enjoy high-performance optics without breaking the bank.
  • Lifetime Warranty: So confident are Richter Optik about the quality of their optics that all scopes are backed by their quibble-free life time warranty guarantee!

Choosing the Right Richter Optik Scope

Selecting the perfect scope for your air rifle depends on your shooting preferences and requirements. Consider factors such as the shooting range, intended targets, and shooting environment. Richter Optik offers a diverse range of scopes to cater to various needs, whether you’re into target shooting, hunting, or competitive shooting. We’ve listed some of our favourites below:

Final Thoughts

When it comes to enhancing your air rifle shooting game, a quality scope is an essential investment. Richter Optik scopes combine precision optics, durability, and user-friendly features to provide an exceptional shooting experience without emptying your wallet. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just starting out, Richter Optik has the right scope to take your accuracy and performance to new heights.

Upgrade your air rifle setup today with a Richter Optik scope and experience the difference for yourself. Discover the world of clarity, precision, and reliability that awaits you. Explore our website for a range of Richter Optik scopes that suit your needs and preferences. Your journey to unparalleled shooting performance starts here!

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Five Excellent Air Rifle Scopes for Under £300

When you’re looking to buy a scope for your air rifle, there’s a huge amount of choice. Some designs are more suited to a particular type of rifle, and others to either target shooting or hunting. In many cases, the features of a scope are a matter of preference – or budget.

We’ve picked out five air rifle scopes that we consider to be good value. They’re all great quality scopes. And they’re all under £300.  

Hawke Airmax 30 Touch 3-12×32

At 266mm long, and weighing 572g, Hawke’s Airmax Touch is a strong, lightweight scope with a 30mm tube. The glass-etched reticle can be illuminated (in the centre only) to six levels of brightness, and between each setting on the adjustment turret, there’s an off position, so it’s easy to switch directly to your preferred setting. The scope comes with a 76.2mm wheel to make adjustment a bit easier.

A zoom ring that indexes with an audible click allows magnification up to twelve times. The definite click means that you can adjust magnification without moving out of position to peer at the setting. Although the objective lens is just 32mm, the wide-angle (short focal length) optical system provides an expansive image of the landscape.

This piece of kit is ideal for daytime hunting.

The Hawke Airmax features a focus control for parallax adjustment. Parallax is the differing perspective of varying viewpoints. By the neurological process of stereopsis, our natural binocular vision uses parallax to form a single, solid, 3-dimentional image.

In a telescopic sight, however, parallax can work against us. Light becomes distorted as it hits the various surfaces in a scope, and as a result, the reticle may seem to wander. The Airmax parallax adjustment is a technically sophisticated function that allows a shooter to achieve pinpoint focus.

Especially suitable for low-recoil air rifles, the Hawke Airmax has zero eye relief. Like those early cameras that were operated by a photographer who draped a black cloth over his head and the camera, a zero-eye-relief scope prevents light bleed at the viewing end, allowing for a clearer image through the sight.

Every glass surface in this scope is coated with 16 layers of light insulation.

London Armoury Resurrection FFP Riflescope

London Armoury’s Resurrection scope is available in two sizes: 4-14×44 or 6-24×50. Even in the smaller of the two scopes, the objective lens is large, allowing for excellent light input. This is a great advantage for crepuscular shooting, when daylight is dim.  

The wide zoom range (4-14 or 6-24) makes it possible to focus on targets at varying distances. The illuminated reticle is on the first focal plane. This means that the reticle is magnified with the image, making it easier to focus on the target.

This scope features a detachable sunshade, and lockable turrets so you can be confident that your rifle will stay aligned for a follow-up shot.

Hawke Vantage AO 3-9×40

Hawke’s waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof Vantage AO scope is 322mm long and weighs 482g. Constructed from a single 25mm tube, this hardy scope has been nitrogen purged for long-lasting internal purity.

The optics are coated with 11 layers of protection, ensuring first-rate light transmission and clarity at all ranges. Multiple coating of all optic components means that the scope is identified as fully multi-coated. This high grade of protection results in an image of exceptional clarity and contrast.

This sturdy little scope’s magnification range is from three times to nine times, and the 40mm objective lens allows parallax adjustment from 10m to infinity. Elevation and windage can be adjusted over a range of 100 MOA, at increments of ¼ MOA. The mil-dot reticle shows 1 milliradian (3.44 MOA) increments in all four directions.

The ocular and objective lenses are threaded for additional accessories, such as lens covers or sunshade, and the adjustment turrets come with protective caps.

Richter Optik 3-9×40

A mil-dot reticle provides a way to focus by increments of milliradians. A milliradian is an angle. There are approximately 6,283 milliradians (or mils) in a complete circle.

Along the crosshairs of the reticle, there are dots. The distance between the centre of one dot and the next is one mil.

At a range of 100m, an adjustment of one mil will alter your aim by 10cm. If you’re 200m from your target, one mil will equate to 20cm. At 300m, it’s 30cm; at 400m, it’s 40cm; 500m, 50cm … and so on.

At under £35.00, this 320mm-long Richter Optik scope, which weighs a mere 382g, is exceptionally good value. The scope’s variable zoom system allows magnification of times three to times nine. A 40mm objective lens is protected by a flip-up cover. 

This scope is one of Richter Optik’s most popular products. With its large range of magnification and precise mil-dot sighting, this model is a great favourite among hunters.

ProShot Precision Rifle Scope with Mounts 3-9×50

With magnification up to nine times and a large (50mm) objective lens, which is ideal for hunting in low light conditions, this Proshot Precision scope is a very handy piece of equipment. Made of high-strength aluminium and fully multi-coated, it’s waterproof, fog-proof, and resistant to recoil. It has a 25mm tube and a duplex reticle.

This scope, which comes with mounts, is ideal for target shooting and pest control at ranges of up to 60m.

Looking for Something Special?

So we’ve had a look at five great rifle scopes with a price tag under £300. However, if you’re after something a little bit more extravagant, how about this super scope from Leupold …

Leupold Rifleman 3-9×50

The good-looking black Rifleman 3-9×50, made of aircraft-grade aluminium, is 315mm long and weighs 411g. Featuring a simple duplex reticle, this lightweight, durable piece of kit is waterproof, fog-proof, and impervious to rust and corrosion. On the end of the 25mm tube, the large (50mm) objective lens is great for low-light hunting, making this scope ideal for deerstalkers.

Eye relief is 106.68mm at low magnification, and 93.98mm for greater magnification. The scope tube is 25mm in diameter.

There’s no doubt that this nifty little scope was designed with the hunter in mind.

The scope’s nitrogen-purged optical chamber contributes to a crystal-clear image. Ambient air inside the scope is forced out by, and replaced with, near-pure nitrogen. With this dry, inert gas occupying all the space, oxygen and water vapour are excluded, protecting the interior of the scope from fogging and oxidation. O-ring-sealed lenses enhance the scope’s impedance to moisture.

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How to Zero a Scope

It’s all about you

Remember that you are zeroing your air rifle scope for you. If possible, carry out this task over a distance that you normally shoot; use your usual pellets; and focus the lens to suit you. It’s important to zero your scope in windless conditions.

Setting up

Place your target against a secure backstop. Using a steady and comfortable rest – to eliminate as much human error as possible – fire three to five pellets, aiming for the centre of the target. Hopefully, your shots will be in a cluster; if they’re very spread out, try again.

Adjusting the scope dials

There are two adjustments to make: windage (left/right), controlled by the dial on top of the scope, and elevation (up/down), controlled by the dial on the right flank of the scope. Work on one at a time.

Printed on the dials will be instructions. There might be, for example, an arrow indicating clockwise, with the word ‘left’, or an arrow indicating counter-clockwise, with the word ‘up’. There will also be a guide to the increments of adjustment – for example, ‘1 click ¼” 100 yards’. This means that at a distance of 100 yards, each click in a counter-clockwise direction will adjust your sight ¼” upward … or that at 100 yards, each click in a counter-clockwise direction will adjust your sight ¼” to the right.

A shooting scenario …

So, let’s say you’re shooting at 25 yards, and your pellets have landed approximately two inches below the centre of your target. If one click of the elevation dial in a counter-clockwise direction will adjust your sight ¼” upwards over a distance of 100 yards, then at 25 yards, one click will make an adjustment of 1/16”. You’re two inches out, so you need to turn your dial 32 clicks in a counter-clockwise direction.

Once you’ve done this, take a few more shots. If your pellets are landing on a horizonal line with the target, you’re there on the elevation front. If you’re still shooting too low, or too high, repeat the process.

Now, imagine that your shots are landing about ½” to the right of the target. At 100 yards, one click of the windage dial in a clockwise direction will steer your aim ¼” to the left. At 25 yards, one click will make an adjustment of 1/16”. You’re ½” to the right of the target, so you must turn your dial eight clicks clockwise.

Again, repeat this process until you are consistently hitting the target. Be sure to maintain consistent conditions and not to introduce any other variables, such as an alternative rifle rest or a different type or brand of pellet. And always shoots groups of at least three pellets.

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Tips For Shooting At Night with Scopes & Lamping

When hunting at night there are a two main things which must always be considered and upheld at all times: safety and the law.   

deer hunting texas wikipedia
Deer hunting at night. Source: Wikipedia

Unless you can obtain a special licence to cull deer at night, it is illegal to do so between one hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise. Game birds and hares also cannot be shot at night. Night shooting is generally used for population control of pests and certain predators such as foxes. You must also only shoot on land that you either own, or have permission to shoot on; shooting on land without permission is a serious offence and comes with heavy fines and even a custodial sentence.

A Rifle Scope is Essential

Generally, at night time, I would always recommend using either rifles or air rifles with scopes on, so that you can more easily identify both your target and where the shot could go afterwards. You should also never just shoot at a pair of eyes, through a scope or otherwise, as what you think could be a pair of rabbit eyes could be a pet, or even someone with binoculars observing animals at night.

It’s also strongly recommended that when shooting at night, you use a suppressor, so as not to make too much noise, which could disturb people in local houses trying to sleep, and scare nearby livestock.

At Pellpax we stock a large range of suppressors for air-guns and rifles alike. Click here for more in air rifle silencers. And here for more on Rifle sound moderators.

The view down a 4 x Scope
The view down a 4 x Scope

When shooting foxes, you must ensure that you’re using a calibre of rifle that is legal; generally, .22 Hornet or larger are favoured; air rifles and rim-fires are not legally permitted.


Using a scope at night can be hard work if your scope hasn’t got an IR (illuminated reticle), which is when your crosshair will clearly light up, making your point of aim much clearer. As well as this, you will also need a good spotlight or torch to identify your targets; a bright light also temporarily stuns animals such as rabbits, which will make for an easier shot. You should also choose a scope with a large light intake, which will make for a much clearer and wider field of view. For example, there’s the Hawke Vantage 3-9×50 IR Mil dot reticle scope, and the more powerful 4-12×50 version.

Three Lamping Colours

There are three most popular colours of bulb which are used when lamping or shooting at night, and they all have different pros and cons – all of which are down to personal preference: red, green, or white.

The most popular colour for lamping is a red bulb. This can commonly be seen when driving around back roads at night and you see farmers using these red spotlights across their fields, looking for rabbits or foxes. It’s a popular favourite because the red light doesn’t affect your personal night vision as much as the other colours, and animals are less aware of this bright light being put on them, and so won’t get spooked and run away. The red light can make it quite hard to spot your prey at night if they are in long grass or in the undergrowth, as everything will appear as the same colour. This is still the first choice for any fox or rabbit hunters. You can find a red spot light here – the Tracer LEDRay F400 Red.

The green spotlight is quickly becoming more popular because, like the red light, it has little effect on your own night vision, and with the green light, it’s much easier to identify different targets, because it shows up differently on obstacles – unlike the red, where everything can blur into the same colour. The green light, however, is a lot less popular with shooters after predatory animals like foxes, because they notice this colour a lot more and have been known to run away as soon as the beam is on them. A great example is this, the Tracer LEDRay F400 in Green.

F400 Red Lamp
F400 LED Red Rifle Lamp


Finally, we have the white spot light. This offers the greatest distance for you to shoot at, and makes everything a lot easier to see at night, but it will have the worst effect on your own night vision and will scare predatory animals away the most. However, this is my personal favourite to use when shooting rabbits, as the bright light stuns them for a moment, allowing for a clear shot and clean kill. One white light to try is the Tracer LEDRay F400 in White.

All of the above spotlights, which I have added the links to, are for attaching either onto the gun, or onto the scope – which would be my personal preference when shooting. There are other options available, however, depending on the environment and style in which you will be shooting, such as from a vehicle or with another shooter.

Night Vision Scopes

Another option for night shooting is the use of a night-vision scope. Originally intended for military applications, this is another favourite among hunters, as these night sights are becoming ever more affordable for the everyday shooter.

Check out a range of gun lamps and spotlight options here.  You can also check out our website for more on night vision, including gear by Nitesite and Pulsar.