Two New Spring Rifles from Black Ops

At Pellpax, we’re welcoming in the new year – and new decade – with some fantastic new products, including two new spring-powered rifles from US manufacturer, Black Ops.

Black Ops Quantico Air Rifle

This .177-calibre rifle gets its name from Quantico, headquarters of the United States Marine Corps. This huge institution is also home to the FBI Academy and is the country’s main DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) training facility. Quantico is in Prince William County, Virginia.

At the legal power limit for a non-FAC gun (12 ft/lb), the Quantico is a powerful and effective break-barrel rifle. The rifled steel barrel is shrouded for noise reduction, and the adjustable fibre-optic sights ensure a perfect aim. An adjustable, modular stock means that this rifle can be adapted for a young shooter, or for circumstances where movement is restricted – for example, hunting in dense forest.

The stock is made from a durable, high-density polymer, which provides a firm grip in all weather conditions. The cheek-pad contributes to a comfortable and successful shooting experience.

Depending on the stock setting, the Quantico is between 1,130mm and 1,150mm long, and it weighs 3,275g. This rifle features a picatinny rail system and a weaver rail, so when it comes to the fitting of accessories, the options are numerous.

At just £104.99, the Quantico is perfect for pest control at ranges of up to 40m. It’s safe, strong, and great value for money

Black Ops Pendleton Air Rifle

This rifle’s name’s-sake is the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in San Diego County, California, which was built in 1942 for the purpose of training US marines for service in WWII. The facility was named after Major Joseph Henry Pendleton (1860-1942) of the US Marine Corps.

With a five-position, adjustable M4-style stock, side rails, picatinny rail, and adjustable fibre-optic sights, the Black Ops Pendleton is a supremely customisable gun.

The Pendleton’s overall length is between 1,045mm and 1,129mm, and it weighs 3,120g. The gun comes with a set of six ergonomic grips, so it can be customised for the comfort of any shooter.

Made by Black Ops to an exclusive design, the .177-calibre Pendleton is fantastic for pest control at ranges of up to 40m. And at just £119.99, it really is excellent value.

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