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At Pellpax, we’re celebrating the start of the new decade with some fantastic new products. Our Dan Wesson 715 CO2 pistol kits, in particular, are an exciting addition to the Pellpax range of airgun kits. Modelled on the original Dan Wesson 715, which was chambered for the .357 Magnum cartridge, these high-quality, realistic pistols by ASG uphold the Dan Wesson reputation for innovative design and first-class construction.

Dan Wesson Firearms

Daniel Baird Wesson II (1916-1978) shared his name with his great-grandfather, the talented gunsmith and inventor, famous for co-founding the Smith & Wesson Company.

The legacy of Daniel Baird Wesson I (1825-1906) lives on, of course, in the ever-popular Smith & Wesson brand. But he’s also remembered at the not-for-profit Baystate Medical Centre in Massachusetts, which incorporates the hospital to which Mr Wesson donated $100,000 in 1904.

Dan Wesson worked for 25 years at Dan & Wesson before establishing his own firearms manufacturing business in 1968. Dan Wesson Firearms, now owned by CZ-USA, operates from Kansas City, Kansas, and Norwich, New York.

Action Sport Games  

Danish company ASG (Action Sport Games), which specialises in 1:1-scale replica guns, is exclusively licensed to produce Dan Wesson replica models.

Dan Wesson 715 Pistol Kits

ASG’s Dan Wesson 715 is made mostly of metal, giving it a realist feel, and a 12g CO2 capsule is concealed in the textured rubber grip. The pistol features a fixed open sight at the muzzle-end of the barrel, and a rear sight that’s adjustable for windage and elevation. It has a two-stage trigger, manual safety, and an underside weaver rail. Pellets are loaded into the rear of the six cartridges that are housed in the easily accessible magazine.

Besides the pistol, this kit includes five CO2 capsules, a tin of .177-calibre pellets, 50 targets, and a hard case.

Dan Wesson 715 2.5” Silver Pistol

£229.99 £199.99

This neat little pistol has an overall length of 203mm and weighs 900g. The rifled barrel is just 63mm long, making the pistol well balanced and easy to manoeuvre.

Dan Wesson 715 4.0” Silver Pistol

£252.99 £229.99

With a total length of 242mm, and weighing 1,100g, this is the medium-sized Dan Wesson pistol. The rifled barrel is 101mm long.


Dan Wesson 715 6.0” Grey Pistol

£224.99 £199.99

This six-inch-barrel version of the 715 Dan Wesson pistol is heavier and stronger than the shorter-barrelled models. It weighs 1,225g and has an overall length of 297mm. There’s added realism to this pistol, with the cylinder-releasing mechanism, which is exactly the same mechanism that features on the real 715.

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Happy New Year!

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