Pellpax Gift Ideas: Shooting Bundles

With the non-shooter in mind …

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For most of the year, most of our customers are shooters. They know what they’re looking for. At Christmas time, however, non-shooters are shopping for shooting-related gifts.

With non-shooters in mind, Pellpax has created a range of accessory bundles designed for the seasoned shooter. Each bundle contains a selection of shooting accessories and gun-care products tailored to vermin control, target shooting, or pistols. Everything in a Pellpax accessory bundle will be useful to the shooter who opens this gift on Christmas day.

Pest bundle

The Pellpax pest bundle includes:

  • Woody’s prairie dog targets
  • Abbey gun grease
  • Proshot gun & rifle oil
  • Proshot MK3 scope cleaner
  • .177 or .22 pellets
  • Pellpax cloth

This specially selected assortment of accessories includes pellets suitable for vermin control and a set of life-size prairie dog targets from Woody’s.

The bundle also includes ProShot Precision gun and rifle oil. This water-repellent, rust-inhibiting, low-viscosity oil will protect metal surfaces and moving parts. The oil comes in a dropper bottle, so it’s easy to apply tiny amounts to small, fiddly parts of the gun.

ProShot Precision’s Optima Mk3 scope cleaner is designed for all optics. Supplied in an easy-to-use spray pump, this product removes dust and stains, leaving no residue or smears. Besides scopes, sights, and night-vision equipment, Optima Mk3 can also be used for cleaning other glass surfaces such as phone, computer, and television screens.

Abbey gun grease is a superb product for maintaining the condition and performance of a rifle or pistol. Providing protection from corrosion, this gun grease lengthens the life of component parts and reduces wear and tear on the gun. Regular use of Abbey gun grease will improve any gun’s performance and reliability.

The Pellpax cleaning cloth is a marvellous all-rounder for any equipment-cleaning task. Made of a strong, absorbent microfibre material, the cloth can be used and washed again and again over many years.

Target bundle

The Pellpax target bundle includes:

  • Pellpax target holder pellet catcher 17cm x 17cm
  • 50 practice targets
  • 50 match targets
  • advanced optics cleaner
  • .177 or .22 pellets
  • Pellpax cloth

The solidly built steel pellet catcher can be free standing or mounted on a wall. It measures 17cm x 17cm, and the back is specially angled to deflect pellets and prevent ricochet. In the front, there’s a slot for holding paper targets.

For use with the pellet catcher, this bundle contains 50 practice targets and 50 match targets, as well as a tin of pellets in a choice of .177 or .22 calibre.

To finish off a fantastic assortment of shooting accessories, this bundle also includes an optics cleaner and a soft, hard-wearing polishing cloth.

CO2 Pistol bundle

The CO2 pistol bundle includes:

  • pellets or BBs
  • 100 pistol targets
  • 5 CO2 capsules
  • ProShot silicone gun oil
  • ProShot moly lube
  • Pellpax cloth

ProShot Precision silicone gun oil is a top-quality, non-toxic oil, specially formulated to protect the exterior of guns and to lubricate plastic washers and seals. This anti-corrosive, water-repellent oil comes in an easy-to-dispense dropper bottle.

Merry Christmas!

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