Pellpax at the British Shooting Show 2019

Setting up at the British Shooting Show

The British Shooting Show 2019 took place from Friday 15th to Sunday 17th February at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham.

This ‘jewel in the crown’ of the UK’s shooting-show calendar has been bringing together the shooting community and the shooting industry since it was founded in 2009 by the late John Bertrand.

The British Shooting Show offers an opportunity for the manufacturer to meet the end-user; for the publisher to meet the reader and the sponsor; for the distributor to meet the retailer, who has perhaps, until now, been just a voice on the other end of the phone.

On Thursday, 14th February, a Pellpax team, led by Managing Director, Darren Kirk, headed up to Birmingham with a vanload of airguns, optics, knives, and pellets. Once at the NEC, all the display furniture and set dressing had to be taken to Stand C14 – Pellpax’s temporary home for the next three days – followed by the stock. There was already an atmosphere of excitement in the huge space that was halls Six, Seven, and Eight at the NEC.

Over the weekend, the Pellpax team caught up with old friends and acquaintances, as well as some newer ones. It was an enormous pleasure to meet – for the first time – James Farquharson and his family. Eighteen-year-old James, who is sponsored by Pellpax, was visiting the show with his partner, Niamh, and his parents, Huw and Liz. Over the past year, Pellpax has been following James as he competes in national and international competitions, winning trophies and honing his considerable talent. You can read the latest article on his journey here.

Young shooter James Farquharson with our director, Darren Kirk

Great British Shooting Awards

At the Great British Shooting Awards, hosted by Future Publishing on the Saturday evening, Pellpax was extremely proud to represent Zbroia’s Hortitsia, which was one of five airguns nominated for Airgun of the Year 2019. The Zbroia Hortitsia PCP rifle is currently one of the finest air rifles on the market, available in a wide range of stocks, calibres, and barrel sizes to help maximise its usability and to ensure match-winning accuracy for every shooter.

This rifle, which has an easy magazine drop-in, sensitive trigger, and smooth probe engagement, is a true champion in the world of target shooting, reflecting Zbroia’s four-fold design criteria: accuracy, quality, reliability, and ergonomics.

Many congratulations to Airgun of the Year winner, the Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter. The award was presented by presenter of The Airgun Show, Mat Manning.

To find out more about the Hortitsia, a highly affordable PCP, you can see the product listing here. You can also check out the Ultimate Sporter here. If you need any further help or advice, feel free to phone 01263 731 585, to speak to one of our team of experts.

Overall, we felt it was very exciting to see lots of new products that are about to be launched onto the UK market this coming year, at the show. Keep an eye on the Pellpax blog for news and details of brand-new air rifles, air pistols, optics, and bush-craft equipment.

From the Pellpax team, we would like to say a big thank you to all our loyal customers who dropped by to say hello, and to everyone who came along to meet us for the first time. We look forward to seeing some of you again at The Northern Shooting Show (Yorkshire Event Centre, Harrogate) in May. Look out for Pellpax – we’ll be there!

A Warm Welcome to Regael

Based in Ireland, Regael is one of Europe’s fastest-growing wholesalers of outdoor activity goods, and on the back of its reputation for first-class customer service and top-quality products, the company is rapidly expanding.

This is good news for Regael’s UK customers, as the Irish-based company will soon be taking warehouse space in England, on the same industrial estate as its oldest and largest UK retail customer, Pellpax.  

Darren Kirk, Pellpax’s Managing Director: “We were, I think, Regael’s first UK customer. We liked the idea that the brands they were offering were, in many cases, well known in other parts of the world, but new to the UK, which gave us something different to offer our customers.”

Regael is delighted with the new premises. Susan Chapman, Regael’s International Sales Manager, says, “The challenge for us, I suppose, is getting used to the demand from the UK! To be honest, this has surprised us, and occasionally we have had popular items out of stock. However, we’re adapting quickly, and the new warehouse will give us far more capacity, enabling us to fulfil our fairly unique style of wholesaling.”

Whilst offering great deals on large-quantity orders, Regael believes in helping retailers by not insisting on a minimum order quantity, meaning that its wide range of products for the outdoor pursuits market is accessible and convenient to all approved retailers, large or small.

“We offer next day deliveries to the retailer,” Susan explains. “Alternatively, we can drop ship, under plain label, to the retailer’s customers, if they prefer. This means that retailers don’t necessarily have to stock the larger items. If they sell an item via the Internet, or from a catalogue in store, they can take payment and then arrange for us to deliver to their customer direct.”

So what impact will this move have on Pellpax?

“Having Regael’s UK warehouse literally a few doors away from us will certainly help build the relationship,” says Darren. “And I’m hoping,” he adds, “that it will have quite a large impact on shipping costs!”

As a result of Regael’s commitment to excellent customer service, more and more retailers are ordering from the Irish company. Providing customers with expert product knowledge, and with the means of resolving queries or issues very quickly, Regael has won the confidence of many industry partners. Now, with a presence in the UK, and with a helping hand from a trusted customer, Regael is becoming a vital and highly valued member of the UK outdoor pursuits community.

UKARA Membership for Pellpax

United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association
Pellpax is proud to announce we are now members of UKARA. Great news for our airsoft customers

We are pleased to announce that Pellpax is now a member of UKARA (UK Airsoft Retailers’ Association), the organisation that is dedicated to the promotion of airsoft and to public safety.

The Violent Crime Reduction Act of 2006 introduced tight restrictions on the use, ownership, and sale of realistic imitation firearms (RIFs). In response to these new laws, an association of UK airsoft retailers was formed, for the purpose of producing a system for monitoring the sale of RIFs, and thereby protecting the airsoft sport and trade.

Frank Bothamley (centre), head of UKARA

UKARA operates an effective and politically acceptable system, which protects retailers of airsoft equipment, whilst maintaining the safety of the public. The UKARA database holds a record of all participating airsoft players and game sites, and is available to retailers for verification of sales and purchases. This system allows retailers to check that RIFs are being sold only to legitimate purchasers.

Permitted RIF purchaser groups include, amongst others, film and theatre producers and participants in organised historical re-enactments. But it’s airsoft players who form the largest RIF purchaser group in the UK, and skirmishers can find an increasing range of airsoft equipment at Pellpax. If you’re new to the game, and thinking about buying your first airsoft gun, expert advice is available from our staff members.

The UKARA chairman is Frank Bothamley, a former designer of DB2 databases, who co-founded Firesupport Ltd and Free Fire Zone, an airsoft skirmish site near to Peterborough. I asked Frank about the work that UKARA carries out on behalf of the airsoft industry.

The ICS CXP-08 is an excellent main airsoft gun
The ICS CXP-08 Crane Stock AEG

“We successfully lobbied for the airsoft limit to be set higher than 1 joule. We achieved a recognised definition in law for airsoft guns, and we got 6mm and 8mm pellets officially tested to prove that they were not lethal at the limits advertised by the Home Office. We meet regularly with the home office and have contact with FELWG [Firearms and Explosives Licensing Working Group]. We continue to speak to the CPS [Criminal Prosecution Service] and border controls about the impact of PCA [policing and crime act] 2017.”

At Pellpax, we stock many brands of airsoft guns and accessories. We have recently added ICS products to our range, including the ICS WW2 M3 Greaser AEG, which has an effective range of approximately 50 metres, and the small, compact ICS CXP-08. We’re also pleased to have available some two-tone airsoft rifles and pistols for customers who are not yet registered to an airsoft club in the UK. Note that it is against the law to alter the appearance of these items in order to render them more realistic.

When it comes to maintaining your airsoft equipment, we can recommend some superb products, such as ProShot Precision Gun Grease, or the water-repellent ProShot Precision ‘A’ Grade Silicone Gun Oil Aerosol. We also stock some convenient cleaning kits by ProShot. To talk to someone about our airsoft rifles, pistols, and accessories, or for advice on accessing local skirmish sites, just give us a ring, and we’ll be glad to help. And check out our range of airsoft guns and accessories here.

News: Pellpax Joins Gun Trade Association

The Gun Traders Association

Pellpax can announce that it has become a member of the Gun Trade Association (GTA).

As a member of this association, Pellpax is an integral part of a nationwide network of organisations, dedicated to ensuring the safe use of guns and the continued health of shooting sports and professions.

The Gun Trade Association has been promoting and protecting the UK gun trade since 1912. Working closely with police and governmental authorities, the GTA offers its members support and advice in all areas of the trade, from licensing and insurance queries to issues of transportation and storage. As a council member of the British Shooting Sports Council (BSSC), the GTA co-operates with the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) and the Countryside Alliance (CA), representing the gun trade in matters of legislation.    

The GTA works closely with the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Home Office, the Department of Trade and Industry, Firearms Licensing Departments, and HM Revenue and Customs.

The present GTA chairman is 77-year-old John Batley, a professional pigeon shooter since 1984 and author of The Pigeon Shooter: A Complete Guide to Modern Pigeon Shooting. This elegantly written book, first published in 1996, is as engaging to the layman as it is to the expert, and Mr Batley’s vast knowledge of the wood pigeon, in regard to both anatomy and habit, is testimony to his many years of dedication to the sport. In his introduction, he writes, “The wood pigeon has enabled me to feed and clothe my family, travel to fascinating places and meet many, many people.”

John Batley says, “The GTA exists today primarily to defend the interests of the gun trade by working closely with all official bodies that could influence or damage the industry.” He goes on to say that the GTA’s protection of the UK gun trade is, by definition, in the interests of all those who shoot in this country.

The GTA’s Code of Practice sets out clear parameters:

  • The safety of the public shall be a priority for the Association and its members.
  • All members must be acquainted with the relevant law and comply with it in all respects.
  • A primary aim of all our members is to give good service to their customers and to the public.
  • All members shall take responsibility for the products that they sell.
  • Members shall conduct themselves in a proper and professional manner in their dealings with other members of the trade and the public.
  • Members’ advertising shall be designed and worded so as not to bring the trade or its products into disrepute.
  • All members shall abide by the stated aims and objectives of the Association as published.
  • Members shall be held accountable for their actions by the Association.

Pellpax’s Managing Director, Darren Kirk, explained why it was important for Pellpax to be a member of the GTA:

“Membership of the GTA gives access to tools that help us promote the safe use of guns in this country, and we’re proud to be a part of maintaining the good reputation of the trade.” He added, “Safety of the public is our main priority in every aspect of what we do.”

Event: The Game Fair, 28-30 July 2017

The 59th Game Fair heads to Hatfield House in Hertfordshire between 28 and 30 July later this year.

With a wide itinerary of events that includes country pursuits, a focus on land and gardens, activities (including archery, 4×4 driving, helicopter flights, debating theatre and much more), it should prove to be a great summer weekend for families and those with a passion for hunting, the countryside and outdoor pursuits.

Gun and Accessories Brands In Attendance

Major gun and accessory brands will be in attendance including Croots, Elderkin & Son, Holland & Holland, Hull Cartridge, Sporting Shooter magazine, Airgun World magazine, Nitesite, and Weihrauch, as well as many others.

The event is sponsored by Subaru, who will be holding all wheel driving demonstrations during the weekend. Visitors will be able to jump aboard a Subaru Forester, Outback or XV, and experience the show’s specially designed off road course, which includes various obstacles and inclines.

The George Digweed Pigeon Challenge

Fieldsports Magazine will be launching the George Digweed Pigeon Challenge, where members of the public will be given the opportunity to beat shooting scores set by two of the best shots out there, on a grouse and pheasant range designed especially for the occasion. Top Gun will take away a special array of prizes, and to enter you simply have to head to their stand.

For animal lovers, there will be various other outdoor pursuits on display including falconry, gundogs, horse and hounds, pugs and fishing.

The event includes camping facilities and you can even enjoy premium eating and drinking facilities by upgrading to a Gold or Platinum package.

You can buy tickets for The Game Fair here. Learn more about the event by heading to their official site

Pellpax Shooting Diary: Download The Free App

A screen grab from the brand new Pellpax Shooting Diary App: Keep track of your shooting progress.

Here at Pellpax, we love to go the extra mile to make our customers happy.

To that end, we’ve produced a very special special shooting app that allows users to keep a track of their progress with shooting.

It contains a multitude of features, including the a timer, a diary / score keeping system, and integrates with your camera, so you can take a picture of your shooting target, after you’ve been practising.

The diary contains a host of different target types (ISSF Air Rifle 10m, 25m, Soft Air, Pistol, etc), and allows you to make a note of which weapon you have used. This comprehensive app will allow you to monitor your development and help you to get your shooting the next level.

On top of all that, the app allows you to access the Pellpax mobile store, making it super convenient to top up on ammo and treat yourself to a new weapon.

The Pellpax Shooting Diary is free on the Google Play app store (Android only, for now).

Download the app here. 

News: Pellpax Announces New Low Prices

1553086_745334985587667_8154512324371340556_oThe people of Britain have voted to leave the European Union and go it alone.

The pound has slumped, increasing the cost of imported goods. So what does life look like, post Brexit referendum, for businesses like Pellpax?

Many of the products Pellpax sell are imported. Does this mean, then, that Pellpax prices will go up? Apparently not: in fact, they’re going down. I had a chat with Managing Director, Darren Kirk.

What’s going on, Darren? Have you lost the plot?

Well, I agree, it does seem odd. But there really is good reason behind the madness! It’s all to do with passing on to our customers the benefits of Pellpax’s growth.

With two new warehouse units on the point of completion, we now have the extra space to hold stock, meaning that we can buy in larger quantities. The savings we make on bulk purchases will be reflected in the price tags. The fact that we are in a position to expand is down to the thousands of customers who have been loyal to us over the last few years.

But most of these reduced prices are barely above the cost price. Is it really feasible?

I know it sounds crazy. Yes, our margins are now smaller. Yes, we’re now putting lower prices on most of our goods; buying power is certainly one benefit of rapid growth. We aim to deliver products like airguns to your door more cheaply – or at least, at no greater expense – than if you were to buy locally.

The thing is, Hazel, we don’t want our customers to suffer from this political change when it comes to buying from us. Christmas is just around the corner. We want to be able to provide top quality goods at great prices. After all, it’s our customers who have made this possible: without them, there would be no Pellpax.

How will your delivery service be affected?

It won’t be affected, but I am able to lower our delivery charges. As you know, fuel prices have risen quite dramatically, due not only to the weak pound and higher import duty, but also to the simultaneous rise in the cost of oil. However, because of the increasing number of deliveries we do every week, we can actually reduce our delivery charge. Higher fuel costs are absorbed in the sheer volume of deliveries.

Another fantastic advantage of our unique delivery service is that we can always – or nearly always – squeeze in an extra delivery at the last minute. Our six vehicles cover the whole of the UK each week (with monthly visits to Scotland), so one of our drivers will be, at some point, only ten minutes away from any location. This is what Pellpax is all about: it’s about looking after our customers.

Pellpax delivery driver Chris tours the country each weekend.
Pellpax delivery driver Chris tours the country each weekend.

Do you think that these low prices are sustainable?

They certainly won’t change in the next few months, unless I think I can reduce them further to stimulate further growth. What will happen after January, I really don’t know; a lot depends on the direction sterling takes. But I’m optimistic.

How will Pellpax’s expansion help to keep prices as low as they are?

With the two new warehouses, we’ll have the capacity to hold a wider variety of stock, and in greater quantity, so that everything on the website is always available. This also means that we can order more, but less frequently, from suppliers, reducing delivery costs into our warehouses.

New IT systems, written specifically for us, have improved the automated ordering process, and they also give us better control over inventories. If the excellent service we provide is enough to retain the loyalty and satisfaction of our customers, the result will be long-term low prices.

Learn more about our special Pellpax service, which bring airguns, shotguns and more delivered directly to your door, right here. And find out about what life is like for drivers on the delivery service here. 

You can also discover more about the work of our correspondent, Hazel Randall, here. She offers copywriting services in Norwich, Norfolk and beyond

And The Winner of the Huge Giveaway Is……

Our Director Darren Cl
Pellpax Darren Kirk congratulates Huge Giveaway winner Peter on his prize.


In March we announced our very first Huge Giveaway. A mammoth prize of nearly 60 different parts, including 3 airguns, lots of outdoor gear, archery equipment, and a break at an exclusive hotel! It’s a prize which is unprecedented in the industry, and one of the many reasons our customers love us. The competition ran for one month, and all you had to do to win, was to make a purchase of more than £25. For every additional £25 spent, a further entry was made.

The great news is that we effectively received thousands entries during a 2 week period, thanks to the purchases made. And now it’s time to announce the winner!

The lucky recipient of all that Pellpax goodness is Peter, a customer from Surrey. Our Director Darren Kirk went out in person to hand over the goods to the man himself (pictured).


Pellpax Competition Time!

Dan Wesson Competition (1)
The Dan Wesson 2.5″ Revolver

Here at Pellpax, we pride ourselves at building a great relationship with our incredibly passionate customers, who hail from all over the UK. As part of that commitment, we’ve built this blog to share our knowledge and expertise, and provide a useful resource for those passionate about airguns, bushcraft, and much more.

Another step in our commitment has been our first ever competition, which has been an outstanding success. With thousands of entries from across the UK, it’s clear that there is lot of enthusiasm for airguns and for Pellpax.

Dan Wesson Competition Winner

In October, we launched the competition to win a gold 2’5″ Dan Wesson revolver. This eye catching and highly desirable airgun is much sought after by enthusiasts. And so we’re happy to announce that the winner of the competition is Phill Akehurst of Water Orton, Birmingham. He will be receiving his airgun courtesy of our unique RFD door to door delivery service shortly. If you missed the comp, or didn’t win, but still fancy buying the revolver, you can find it here.

Win TWO Heckler & Koch Xmas MP5 Special Kits

The next competition will be to win not one, but TWO Heckler and Koch MP5 A5 AEG Two Tone Xmas Kits. They include 1000 BBs, and 50 Airgun targets. To claim your chance to win, keep an eye out for the special competition entry page where you can enter to win.

Pellpax Supports Our Heroes!

Former Marine and Pellpax staff member Glen Henderson

Here at Pellpax, we have an exciting announcement about one of our staff, who will be doing a 350 mile bike ride across England, for a very special cause.

Each and every week, Pellpax delivers airguns, shotguns, and other products to our array of customers across the UK using our very own fleet of drivers. Many of these personnel are ex-servicemen and former police officers, who help us fulfil our requirements as a Registered Firearms Dealer, handling the weapons, dealing with customers and checking their ID, as we are required to do by law.

One of our team is Glen Henderson, a brave ex-Royal Marine who has served his country during the First Gulf War, and has an incredible story to tell. Back in 2012, he suffered localised bleeding to the brain, while cycling to work, and fell quite seriously ill. The AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation), caused this bleeding inside, and the family man was left with 3 tough choices presented to him by medical staff, all of which carried the risk of death.

Battling through this tough time with the help of his wife and two children, while in a confused state due to the injury and the situation, he elected to have a craniotomy. After the operation and prolonged recovery, which he was nursed through by his wife, he made a full recovery. Now, back to full fitness and having returned to work, Glen wants to give something back.

Help our Wounded Royal Marines And Supporting Arms is Glen’s nominated charity for the bike ride

The former marine has summoned the courage to cycle across England, from Barnham Broom in our home City of Norwich, to Bickleigh Barracks, in Plymouth Devon. It’s the home of 42 Commando of the Royal Marines. Glen’s aim is to make the most of his return to health, and raise money for Help Our Wounded Marines And Supporting Arms. It’s a charity that assists ex servicemen and women, suffering who have made huge sacrifices for our country, and now suffer with serious conditions, such as amputees, blindness and mental health issues.

Pellpax’s Director, Darren Kirk, has been vocal in  his praise for Glen’s efforts, both in nursing himself back to recovery, and also in making such a major personal commitment to help his less fortunate former comrades. “Glen has been incredibly brave throughout his ordeal”, explains Darren. “He has handled his health problems with such courage and doing something like this, for charity, just shows how lucky we are to have him. We want to use our resources and our reach as an organisation, to help in any way we can”.

Pellpax are proud sponsors of Glen’s bike ride, and we will be using our resources to help with fundraising during the coming months leading up to the event. The bike ride itself will take place over between Saturday 18 June 2016 through to Monday 20th June. This is to allow for rest times, and ensure the journey is a safe one.

If you’d like to donate to Glen’s charity bike ride, then click here, to go to his Just Giving page

To read more about his story, and stay updated as he prepares for the journey ahead, go to his blog.