Demystifying Airgun Pellets: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Ammunition


When it comes to airgun shooting, selecting the right pellets is vital for achieving accuracy and optimal performance. With a wide variety of airgun pellets available, it can be challenging to determine which ones are best suited for your shooting needs. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the different types of airgun pellets, their characteristics, and factors to consider when making your purchase. Let’s dive in and unlock the secrets to finding the perfect ammunition!

  1. Diabolo Pellets:

Diabolo pellets, also known as domed pellets, are the most common and widely used type of airgun ammunition. They feature a rounded head and a hollow skirt, making them aerodynamically efficient and accurate. Here are key points to consider:

  • Calibre: Diabolo pellets are available in various calibres, including .177, .22, and .25. Choose the appropriate calibre based on your airgun’s specifications and shooting requirements.
  • Purpose: Diabolo pellets are versatile and suitable for a wide range of shooting applications, including target shooting, plinking, and small game hunting.
  • Accuracy and Penetration: Due to their shape, diabolo pellets offer excellent accuracy and penetration capabilities, making them a popular choice among airgun enthusiasts.
  1. Hollow Point Pellets:

Hollow point pellets are specifically designed for hunting and pest control purposes. They feature a hollow cavity at the tip, which promotes controlled expansion upon impact. Key considerations include:

  • Expansion and Energy Transfer: The hollow point design facilitates expansion upon impact, increasing the pellet’s stopping power and energy transfer to the target. This characteristic makes hollow point pellets highly effective for hunting and pest control.
  • Calibre and Velocity: Consider the appropriate calibre and velocity required for your specific hunting needs, as hollow point pellets come in various sizes to match different airgun specifications.
  • Accuracy: While hollow point pellets may not offer the same pinpoint accuracy as diabolo pellets, they are designed to deliver maximum impact on targets.
  1. Wadcutter Pellets:

Wadcutter pellets are characterized by their flat, disc-like shape. They have a wide and squared-off head, resulting in a clean, round hole upon impact. Consider the following aspects of wadcutter pellets:

  • Target Shooting: Wadcutter pellets are primarily designed for target shooting due to their ability to cut clean holes in paper targets. They offer excellent accuracy and visibility of shot placement.
  • Caliber: Wadcutter pellets are available in different calibers, with .177 being the most common choice for target shooting.
  • Velocity: Since wadcutter pellets have a larger surface area, they tend to decelerate faster than diabolo pellets. Consider the optimal velocity for achieving consistent accuracy with wadcutter pellets.
  1. Pointed Pellets:

Pointed pellets, as the name suggests, feature a sharp point at the tip, offering improved penetration and long-range accuracy. Here’s what you should know about pointed pellets:

  • Penetration: The pointed design of these pellets enhances their penetration capabilities, making them suitable for shooting at longer distances and hunting small game.
  • Calibre and Weight: Pointed pellets are available in various calibres and weights. Consider the specific requirements of your airgun to select the appropriate size for optimal performance.
  • Velocity and Ballistic Coefficient: Pointed pellets typically have a higher ballistic coefficient, allowing for better stability and less affected trajectory, especially at longer ranges.


Choosing the right airgun pellets is crucial for achieving accuracy, consistency, and desired shooting results. Understanding the different types of pellets available, such as diabolo, hollow point, wadcutter, and pointed, empowers you to make an informed decision based on your shooting requirements and preferences. Consider factors like calibre, purpose, accuracy, and penetration to select the perfect ammunition for your airgun.

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