Olympics Rio 2016: Shooting & Archery Roundup

Image Courtesy of National Olympic Committee

The Summer Olympics took place in Rio last month, with 11,000 athletes representing 207 Olympic Committees. USA won the overall trophy haul, with 46 gold medals, and 121 medals in total. Meanwhile, it produced an exciting set of results in the shooting and archery events.

Olympics Shooting Results

Team GB’s Ed Ling and Steve Scott both brought home bronze medals. Steve attained a perfect score of 30 in the double trap to beat team mate Tim Kneale. Scott’s career has been inspired by veteran British shooter George Digweed, as he told ShootingUK. “George Digweed was my idol and when I was working there (West Kent Shooting School) at 16 or 17, he was shooting Double Trap. I never knew about the discipline, but he asked me if I wanted to have a go and I got the bug for it. I thought ‘I’ll give this a go properly’.”

Fehaid Al-deehani won gold in the event, competing as an ‘independent Olympic Athlete’, while Italy’s Marco Innocenti took silver. Ed Ling got third place in the Men’s Trap shooting event, with the top place going to Josip Glasnovic, who was followed by Italy’s Giovanni Pellielo.

Olympics Archery Results

In archery, 128 athletes competed across 4 events, using recurve bows under World Archery rules. Korea restablished its supremacy in the event, taking back its crown from the USA, the country that aced the 2012 London Olympics, in the team event. The trio of Kim Woo-jin, Ku Bon-chan and Lee Seung-yun beat the US 6-0 to win their fourth title in the past 5 Olympics. Korea took all 4 golds avilable at the event, with Ku Bonchan and Chang Hyejin taking two each in the men’s and women’s individual competitions. Team GB’s Patrick Huston went out in the second round.

A world record was set by world number 2 archer Kim Woojin in the 72 arrow ranking round. You can see it here:


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