5 Of The Best Airsoft Blogs Online

When it comes to airsoft blogs, a good one can be hard to find. The main things we look for in in good airsoft and airgunning blogs are attention to detail, photos and connection to the reader. These are Ross Mitchell’s top 5 airsoft blogs that offer an eye-catching and in-depth read….

Number 5: Airsoft Odyssey

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Yosser’s Airsoft Odyssey

Coming in at number 5 is Airsoft Odyssey. This website has a variety of areas ranging from videos, kits and helpful blogs. The blog I read in particular was the WE Makarov Test and Review. In this blog, we see them take the iconic Makarov pistol and break it down talking about the whole process from unboxing the pistol to shooting it. A section of the blog that I found really interesting was where he put it through a Chronograph test.

Now, I won’t spoil it for you but he first tests the Makarov without the barrel extension on but once attached the results were very interesting. Overall I like this blog as he goes into great detail about the bb’s and gas he uses, tests and talks about all the little features of the gun and he’s got some pictures showing the guns iconic design!

Number 4: Airsoft International Magazine

Meanwhile, for Number 4 we have a blog aimed at beginners in the airsoft world. This blog is from http://www.ai-mag.com and is very neat and well presented. Within this medium sized blog we can see him starting off by talking about the laws on airsoft rifles. Now, the UK is known for being nervous around anything that looks like a gun, and to prevent Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIF) being misused there are licenses and regulations you have to comply with.

This is one of the reasons I found this blog a good read. They break each part down to explain firstly why the law and licenses exist, and then continue to talk about how this affects you when buying a RIF.  Finally they finish by going into detail on how you can obtain one. Whether you’re new to airsoft or more experienced, I recommend this read as it goes into good detail but portrays it in a short, simple way.

Number 3: Airsoft & Milsim New Blog

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Airsoft & Milsim News Blog

Number 3 in our airsoft blogs we have a gun review. Now, when it comes to blogs there is nothing I like more than a well written, detailed gun review. Not only do I find them the most interesting to read about, I like to see others opinions on certain rifles and pistols and see if they agree / disagree with my thoughts. In this review from www.airsoft-military-news.com they take the Modify XTC-G1 Carbine and provide a thorough review. The blog is fairly long but they break it down into small paragraphs to make it an easier read.

These paragraphs are put under subtitles which include: Externals; The Frontset; The Receiver; The Stock; Hop-Up/Inner Barrel; Gearbox and then is finished with a conclusion. Within this blog I like that they put pictures for nearly every paragraph so you can see the step by step process they go through. This includes sights, stock, magazines, disassembly of the rifle and more.

The amount of detail they go into for each part is why this blog is number 3 on my list. They show you every spring, wire and bearing even include the manufacturing processes they went through making this a very interesting read for both new and experienced players. If you’re not one for long reads then the conclusion is a nice extra as it has a few paragraphs which sums ups the highlights and lowlights of the rifle. It’s then finished off by having the gallery with all the pictures used in the blog.

Number 2: Black Rams Airsoft

For our airsoft blog list Number 2 is another gun review but has a big difference to number 3. This blog from http://www.blackrams.co.uk they review 3 different AEG rifles and compare them together at the same time. I like their choice of rifles as they’re similar to each other making the review more relevant but still have differences allowing them to be compared. They start off with the Bolt B4 AEG blow back.

They dive straight into the review by talking about the internal V2 gearbox. After explaining the gearbox system they move on to the recoil and sound. I really like how they compare the recoil, the sound produced by the rifle and more characteristic to inform you how realistic the rifle is which I haven’t seen in many other blogs. They then move onto the WE M4 and use a similar structure to compare it by starting off talking about the trigger and internal mechanism, then move on to recoil and realism.

Their 3rd rifle is the Tippmann M4, which is Co2 powered and gives them a bit more to talk about as they go into detail on what Co2 cartridges you can use before following the structure. The whole blog is then finished off by a summary stating what the most realistic rifle is, then the easiest to use and so on. Overall, this is a good read for anyone interested in airsoft and is very informative, without being long and drawn out.

Number 1: Femme Fatale Airsoft

Now Rated Number 1 on my list is a well-known group in the airsoft community. The blog I read was G&G Custom CM16 SRL by http://www.femmefataleairsoft.co.uk. Now this blog is interesting for many different reasons. First of all it is a gun review which I love but it’s based on a custom gun where there was only one in the world. In this blog, airsoft enthusiast and expert Kelly Hardwick expresses her love for a custom CM16 SRL known as “The Black Rose Version 2”. She starts off by talking about where she first found it and why she fell in love with it. Then one day she got a package from G&G and it was her very own one! She gives a very accurate and in depth review of the rifle ranging from its build quality to its power and fps.

She included some great pictures in the blog showing the rifles best features off and then shows her using it. From reading on in the blog she starts to compare it to the first Black Rose and explains how G&G stepped up from it. Overall I found this one of the most interesting airsoft blogs around and really like the story behind it as well as the great pictures. The main feature that kept me hooked was where she talked about her opinions on it for example she says “I have always held G&G in high regards to their quality, reliability, affordability and performance”. This blog is definitely worth a read even if you’re not a fan of G&G!

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